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Nitrofit products are best sellers at Costco, on Amazon and many other locations countrywide. With some of the most advanced whole body vibration technology on the market, we always deliver maximum benefit.
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About Us

The Limitless Benefits Of Vibration

NitroFit is proudly brought to you by Medvibe LLC, a company dedicated to furthering the development and production of quality WBV equipment. NitroFit is our home/semi- commercial line of WBV machines that are tried, true and tested. NitroFit is currently being used by celebrities, select members of the FBI, athletes, top executives, aestheticians, chiropractors, golfers, osteoporosis sufferers, fibromyalgia sufferers and more.

Our testimony and select studies indicate that there are many benefits from using our NitroFit products. Yet, we refuse to stop testing our products for their quality, their fitness benefits and their contribution to combating various ailments. In our continuous pursuit to further the education and development of WBV technology, we have supplied several top University Physiology and Kinesiology departments with NitroFit machines. New groundbreaking studies have and continue to be published about our products.

We set ourselves apart from the many vibration companies out there by  unbiasedly educating our customers about the available vibration technologies and empowering our customers to have a voice. We pride ourselves on qaulity and service which is why we have registered with the Better Business Bureau.   Medvibe promotes  business ethics and safety within our industry. That is why we support a consumer protection and education website dedicated to the Vibration Training industry.

We understand that buying a vibration machine is quite an investment.  Should you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fast and Effective Work outs

Included 10 minute work out guide helps you to get a great work out in a short amount of time.

Strengthen & Tones Muscles

Rapid Pivotal Vibration activates muscle fibers and intensifies exercises. Regular use can improve strength and muscle tone.

Raise Metabolism

Exercising on Nitrofit Vibration machines burns calories and engages muscles. Regular use can lead to increased metabolism and reduced body fat.

Build Stronger Bones

Vibration Therapy can mechanically simulate exercises that help regulate the musculoskeletal system. Some of our customers have reported improved bone density scans after regular use of our Nitrofit vibration machines.

Reduce Pain & Stiffness

Performing simple exercises on the Nitrofit vibration machine strengthens core muscle groups and can alleviate chronic pain. Alternatively, the vibration platform can be used to provide relaxing massage therapy.

Increase Circulation

The high frequency vibrations from Nitrofit vibration machines force rapid muscle contractions. Those increased muscle contractions require oxygen to function optimally. That oxygen is delivered by blood flow from the circulatory system.

People Love Us And You Will Too

We have helped countless people with pain problems, fitness goals and so much more. See what some of our happy customers have to say.

" I've been on the Nitrofit for 1 month now and have lost inches around my waist and 4 lbs. without doing anything else"

-D. Chaney Power Play

I’ve been going to Curves for six months now and never did I feel this good after just one use. My legs actually feel like they got an hours workout in just 10 minutes…”

-J. Dunlap. Zero Point

"I am on the Nitrofit daily. I have more strength,stamina and flexibility in only 10 minutes a day"

-R. Blankenship North Bay
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